Training staff safely during covid with Multicom digital radios
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Training New Staff Safely During Covid Pandemic

Training new staff safely during the Covid pandemic is proving to be a major challenge for UK businesses.

Companies in the UK are committed to playing their part in supporting their particular industry during this time.  Many businesses are taking on new staff, particularly within the food processing, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing and distribution sectors. All of these businesses have as their number one priority the health and safety of their staff.

Training & PPE

Training new staff is made more difficult when people are wearing additional PPE. Face masks and shields are now widely required. People are spaced further apart and often in noisy areas so imparting information can be challenging. A solution has been developed which addresses all of these concerns. This followed trials with a range of different radio and headset devices.

The trials were undertaken by radio system integrator, Brabourne Ltd with different radio and headset solutions, and on behalf of a number of major UK businesses within the food manufacturing and distribution industries.

Multicom Digital Duplex Radios

Following the trials, the Multicom Digital Duplex radios met all the objectives.

When training new staff safely during Covid some key advantages of the Multicom radio become apparent. Most important is its extremely small size and weight. It can be worn on a secure lanyard around the neck and weighs only 88 gm. It can be worn under the overalls or coat as the user does not need to touch it to operate it!

Multicom 2.4GHz Digital Radio

Furthermore, it works in what is known as full duplex mode. This means that when connected to a suitable headset the users can talk to each other entirely naturally – as if a group of people were chatting to one another! They can achieve this whilst ensuring the correct spacing between each of them.

Completely hands-free, trainees and the trainer can keep their hands free to operate machinery safely.

A range of headsets are available including a lightweight headset for quieter areas and heavy-duty ear defender headsets for high noise areas. The headsets are also compatible with PPE masks worn by all members of staff.

The Brabourne solution means there are no buttons to push, conversations are secure due to the digital radio technology and no licence is needed to operate the system.

The design of the radios means they can be easily sanitised at the end of a shift and the headsets can be used with disposable ear covers to maintain the highest levels of hygiene.

See the Swatcom Multicom 2.4GHz radio at

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