Brabourne have supplied a nationwide secure digital radio system for a major security operation in Mexico. Combining the Hytera DMR digital radio platform with Peplink multi WAN routers provided a secure, wide area mobile communications network for covert security agents.

The application for this system was a security operation located at numerous locations throughout Mexico.

The Solution

The solution needed to allow for rapidly re deploying teams from one location to another. Often these were many hundreds of kilometres apart. A high degree of security was essential. Above all teams of officers deployed on the ground required rugged, secure and covert portable radios. Likewise they were required to maintain local communications as well as being in touch with remote fixed central locations.

Our solution for a secure digital radio system was to employ the highly sophisticated Hytera digital radio platform. This included RD985 fixed repeaters, RD965 portable repeaters and X1P rugged covert portable radios. These were combined with Peplink multi WAN routers. All were equipped with AES 256 bit encryption modules for complete peace of mind. Also the Hytera X1P radios were supplied with specially designed surveillance kits to ensure radio users could remain covert at all times.

Hytera Repeaters  & Peplink Routers

The Hytera RD985 fixed repeaters provided  a secure digital radio system. Encrypted radio coverage was provided at 2 fixed locations. These were integrated with Peplink Balance 780 multi WAN routers to provide access to multiple GSM networks. Deployed teams were supplied with RD965 portable repeaters and Peplink MAX HD2 multi cellular 3G ruggedized routers packaged together in back packs. These are designed to provide local communications for radio users via the portable repeater as well as direct communications with the fixed locations employing the Peplink routers ability to select and connect to any available GSM network.

Additionally, combining both Hytera digital radios with the Peplink multi WAN routers enabled operations managers at the fixed locations to track individual radio users via the Hytera SmartDispatch GPS package. Moreover, operations managers also had the capability to send and receive text messages to radio users anywhere in the country. In conclusion this solution provided a secure digital radio system.

Hytera RD965 Transportable repeater RD965 Base stations Base Stations

Hytera SMart Dispatch console for radio network operation
Hytera RD985 UHF and VHF DMR digital radio base station
Hytera RD965 portable UHF repeater in a backpack
Pepwave GSM rugged router
Hytera X1P slim DMR portable two way radio