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With the increase in the number of onshore and offshore wind farms across the world there is a need to provide onsite communications networks which can be rapidly deployed and that meet a range of voice and data requirements. Hence the need for remote area radio networks.

Remote areas present challenges to the network provider as they may not be easily accessible and will have to supply reliable communications in the harshest of weather conditions.

Brabourne Triton Communications Hub

Brabourne has responded to this demand for advanced and dependable wide area communications with the introduction of Triton.

Triton is a self contained wireless communications hub that provides digital voice and data connectivity to construction workers during the build and commissioning stage and to visiting maintenance engineers responsible for ongoing technical support once the wind farm is operational. It also provides a link to the outside world via a tele connect facility. A range of emergency alarm features are included such as lone worker and man down with personnel tracking to ensure the safety of staff on site.

Enclosed in a very durable, weather proof, heated and convection cooled vandal resistant  steel enclosure, Triton has been deployed successfully across many remote sites including a number of wind farms in the UK. Triton is the ideal remote area radio network. It is  in use at Scoutmoor Wind Farm Scoutmoor

Integration With Other Systems

Remote area radio networks can also benefit from integration with our system solution products. These include BrabourneCallPoint and BrabourneControl. Brabourne CallPoint lets site workers summon assistance quickly and effectively. BrabourneControl allows you to monitor and control systems used on site. To sum up both these solutions offer additional health, safety and convenience features for wind farm operators. Further details are available here – BrabourneCallPoint BrabourneCallPoint

BrabourneControl – BrabourneControl


Brabourne Triton radio system deployed at Scoutmoor wind farm