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Whether you need a simple radio base station controller or a complete control room solution, Brabourne has the expertise to deliver.

We offer the full range of  command and control products including:-

  • Paging encoders
  • Auto diallers
  • Desktop controllers
  • Despatchers
  • Telephone connect products
  • Data/voice multiplexers
  • Recorders
  • Gateway products

We have the necessary skills and resources to design complete control rooms. Contact one of our consultants to discuss your requirements.

Our paging products include encoders and transmitters from Zetron and Scope. Furthermore the Scope range of pagers can be used effectively in conjunction with our BrabourneCallPoint first aid alerting system. Further details on paging products can be found here Paging

Likewise we have a selected range of radio base station controllers that we offer as part of our infrastructure portfolio. These include simple desktop controllers from Radiall and Zetron to more advanced and sophisticated PC based systems from Simoco, TRBOnet and Hytera to name a few. A radio base station controller knits together all the various elements of a radio network. It also ensures that resources are effectively deployed.

Beyond radio base station controllers we also supply radio gateways. These are becoming ever more popular as customers migrate from legacy analogue radio systems to digital platforms. A radio gateway lets you continue to use your existing analogue radio equipment whilst seamlessly moving to a new digital platform. For example conventional analogue to DMR.

Similarly the capability of digital radio networks lends itself to easier interconnection with telephone systems. As a result Brabourne are able to offer both analogue and digital interconnect systems. These include SIP interface solutions to account for the very latest telephone systems.