enhanced communication for return to school process at bishop stopford school
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Enhanced Communications For Return To School Process

With the gradual return to school of specific year groups schools are finding it convenient to enhance their school two-way radio systems. This is accomplished by allocating extra two-way radios to individual class teachers. This will allow direct and easy communications between staff members and reception.

Bishop Stopford School

The return to school process is being implemented by Bishop Stopford School in Kettering. With year 10 pupils starting to return the school is creating ‘bubbles’ to ensure that social distancing is maintained. This creates potential problems however as none of the classrooms are equipped with telephones. The additional two- way radios will be integrated into the existing school radio system. Therefore this will make communications easier and help to enhance pupil and staff safety.

Moreover, schools need not purchase the additional radios they need. In most cases suitable two-way radios can be hired on a short term basis. As a major supplier of two-way radio systems to schools, Brabourne are able to integrate additional radios to the existing school radio network. Most importantly this allows schools to respond quickly to the changing circumstances brought about by Covid 19. Above all this can be achieved without committing their budget for the long term!

For example, in the case of Bishop Stopford School the Entel DX series of compact portable two-way radios was chosen. These were considered easy to use and performed well across the school site.

Property Manager, Pete Longland commenting on the return to school process, said “ We have used Entel radios on site in the past and found them to be easy to use and popular with staff. The new digital Entel DX485 radios bring better audio quality and because of their better RF performance we no longer require a site repeater. This saves licencing and maintenance costs”

Entel DX485 DMR Portable Radio

Further Reading

Further details of the Entel DX485 digital two-way radio can be found at our sister site www.twowayaccessories.com here: https://www.twowayaccessories.com/radios/digital-radio/dx4-series-digital-compact-portable-radio/

We have a lot of experience in delivering school radio networks. Have a look at our case study for High Peak School here: https://www.brabournecommunications.com/case-studies-brabournealert-installed-at-high-peak-school/

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