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Brabourne have a range of long range two way radio models available. These commercial and military grade HF products are designed to meet the needs of users operating in remote areas. We supply commercial grade HF radios from ICOM or Barrett. For paramilitary users and security applications Brabourne offers the 2090 and 4050 range from Barrett.

Long range two way radio, or High Frequency [HF] radios offer ranges up to 3000kms or more. Also they are the ideal choice where there is no built infrastructure available. Our low cost HF radios from ICOM and Vertex represent extremely good value. For harsher environments we offer the Barrett range of HF radios, such as the 2050 and 4050. For tactical military customers we can also supply the new Barrett range of rugged HF base stations, mobiles and man packs. These can be configured to integrate into internet, e mail, fax and telephone networks to provide reliable wide area communications.

Further details on our range of long range two way radio products can be seen here HF Radio
HF radio products include both voice and data capabilities. Features such as individual and group voice calls, text and e mail messaging, telephone interconnect, location applications and internet integration.

Brabourne have delivered many long range two way radio solutions across the globe. For example, we supplied a combined HF/VHF radio system for the National Oil Corporation of Libya. With no communications infrastructure available to the oil exploration and drilling teams in the Sahara desert the Barrett 2050 HF mobile and fixed base stations provided effective long range voice and data communications. In this case transmit ranges of in excess of 1500 km was achieved routinely.


brabourne long range two way radio HF radio in Woodside vehicle
long range tow way radio barrett 2090
barrett 2050 long range hf radio
long range two way radio barrett 2050 base station