Berkeley introduce a lone worker system based on two way radio.

Berkeley was formed in 1976 and today is one of the UK’s best known developers of new homes. As a dynamic, innovative company, Berkeley has a passionate commitment to provide superbly designed and built homes. Locations are mainly in London and the South East of England. The company has an equal commitment to the safety and wellbeing of its staff.

Berkeley were one of the first adopters of the BrabourneProtect lone worker protection system. They have been operating it across its development sites for many years.


BrabourneProtect provides onsite radio communications for sales staff . Additionally it allows them to stay in touch whilst showing prospective clients new homes. The safety of staff is ensured by the trio of built in alarms in the compact handheld radio. These include lone worker, man down and manual emergency alarms.

In the event of an incident an alarm will be transmitted to other radio users on site. Therefore allowing them to respond quickly and effectively. In addition BrabourneProtect sends alarms to multiple telephone numbers, keeping key managers informed in real time.

For example a recent incident at a Berkeley site demonstrated the effectiveness of the lone worker two way radio system. Colleagues were able to respond immediately to an alarm generated by a member of the sales team who was feeling threatened by an intruder.


As HSE Manager, Stewart Thornton said

“Colleagues responded immediately to an accidental alarm activation on our BrabourneProtect lone worker system which gives us confidence the system works well”

BrabourneProtect comprises a base unit and dialler that can be used as an additional desk radio and any number of compact lightweight portable radios. These are used for normal on site voice communications but also include the 3 alarm functions – lone worker, man down and manual emergency function.

Moreover, BrabourneProtect is quick to install, easily transportable so ideal for use at temporary sites. Above all it is simple for users to operate and offers low capital cost.

View the BrabourneProtect datasheet here BrabourneProtect

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Berkeley Group use Entel PoC digital radio lone worker solution
BrabourneProtect lone worker system fallen worker