In order to deliver a cost effective, reliable and sophisticated radio communications network we employ a wide range of capabilities.

Our radio communications services include everything from consultancy, through network design and project management of the implementation stage. In addition we offer a suite of tailor made training and maintenance plans to support our clients once the network is commissioned.

However the process all starts with fully understanding our clients needs. Following meetings and site visits we can come up with a specification. This means finding out what our client wants their radio network to deliver. After that we are able to decide which radio manufacturers will offer the best fit.

Above all, at Brabourne we are manufacturer agnostic. For example we might decide that the infrastructure should be from Motorola but radio terminals from Hytera. In this way we are able to offer the best solution for our client.

Radio communications services also include project management. Building a new radio network can be a time consuming and complicated process. Therefore we employ experienced project managers to make sure that the project is delivered on budget, and on time.

Our sister website describes how different radio products are incorporated into radio networks for different market sectors. Market Sectors

In addition our radio communications services offering would not be complete without after sales support. For instance every radio network will need some form of maintenance plan. In partnership with our clients we are able to design and implement the most cost effective support package.

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