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We have a range of low cost two way radio applications using digital conventional or trunked two way radio as the bearer. In addition tracking devices are typically built in to digital radios. Some of these applications are described below. These cover asset & personnel tracking to radio messaging solutions where your radio system and IT network are integrated. This provides mobile messaging and resource database management solutions for business and industry.


The BrabourneAlert alarm panel integration system combines an on-site radio communications system with existing buildings fire alarm system. This two way radio application is ideal for schools, hospitals, factories and offices, in fact any large site where those responsible for managing fire alarm activations need to be in control at critical times.

When a fire alarm is triggered the message displayed on the fire panel is relayed to the radio display. As a result key staff are able to manage an incident even if they are up to a few miles away from the fire panel. Furthermore the radio can be configured with lone worker, man down and manual emergency alarms. Additionally telephone interconnect and the fire alerting system make it possible to carry just one device for all communications and health & safety requirements.

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BrabourneControl is a powerful tool that integrates a BMS with on-site radio systems. This provides a single device from which to monitor and control various systems. These include HVAC, lighting systems, access points, water, energy and other building plant and equipment. You can even use BrabourneControl to control production equipment remotely.

BrabourneControl is a two way radio application that helps to reduce costs by improving staff productivity and extending equipment life.

The Brabourne Gateway is the heart of BrabourneControl. Above all you can  integrate your on-site fire and intruder alarms, connect your on-site telephone system to your radio network and manage personnel alarms including lone worker and man down – all from one device!

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BrabourneCallPoint is a two way radio application that is designed to provide on-site call points for employees and site visitors to summon assistance quickly and effectively.

A high visibility spring press switch is activated with a quick push. This sends the call point location to security control, reception or other radio users.

BrabourneCallPoint can be used to summon first aid. Similarly with BrabourneCallPoint+ a two way conversation can provide details of the assistance required. It can also be used by site visitors and contractors to request gates or barriers opened or closed. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

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TRBOnet Dispatcher Software

TRBOnet Enterprise is a feature-rich and robust control room software based solution. It is designed to work with digital two-way radio systems of different sizes and sophistication.

This state-of-the-art IP-based dispatch system offers a wide choice of additional modules. This means that it can be tailored to individual requirements. Features include indoor and outdoor positioning, Guardtour and route management, job ticketing as well as multiple voice call and text messaging capabilities. Used with radios equipped with tracking devices.

The IP nature of TRBOnet makes it extremely flexible and scalable, so your system can expand as your requirements evolve. TRBOnet datasheet is available here TRBOnet

BrabourneAlert fire alarm panel integration system
BrabourneControl BMS integration solution
BrabourneCallPoint first aid call point system in use at Moog Aerospace
Brabourne Despatcher solution for Mitie Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Mitec command centre for business continuity and disaster recovery