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Having supplied a radio communications or security system solution the team at Brabourne are able to provide ongoing support. These include a range of maintenance and radio repair packages tailored to your requirements. As we are internationally based this support is available both in the UK and overseas. For example we have Technical Support Centres located in the Middle East and North Africa. As a result we are able to provide local support to our clients within the region. Also our fully equipped workshops mean that we can support radio products from all the leading manufacturers.

Furthermore our consultants will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements and propose a maintenance package to suit. Services can include:

Radio Repairs

  • Warranty repairs — Brabourne are accredited to undertake warranty repairs from most radio equipment manufacturers
  • Fixed-price repair — If a fixed price repair service better suits your organization Brabourne can provide this as a cost-effective option.

Radio Support

  • Spare parts — We offer competitive pricing on genuine parts and accessories.
  • Maintenance Agreements — For clients where security systems and reliable communications are operation-critical we can tailor a maintenance agreement that provides dedicated and responsive technical support as required.
  • Preventative maintenance — Preventative maintenance allows our clients to better predict the reliability of their equipment, and often avoid costly emergency repairs. Brabourne will design a maintenance schedule that maximises the reliability of your system and prevents unexpected downtime caused by faulty equipment.
  • Fleet management — Brabourne can assist with radio fleet management, providing reporting on equipment and repairs, audits of your fleet and advice on how to better maintain your equipment.
  •  Licencing – Brabourne offers an international radio licencing service. We will engage on your behalf with local licencing agencies ensuring your equipment can be operated legally within your chosen territory.
  • Our support services also apply to our range of security systems we supply. These include vehicle and document scanning systems, CCTV systems and our system solution products. For more details click hereSystem Products
radio suuport includes spare parts
Motorola two way radio repair
Simoco two way radio installation