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Vehicle mounted mobile radio equipment from all the major manufacturers is offered. Transmit powers are available ranging from 25W t0 50W in frequency bands from VHF low band to UHF.

Modern mobile radios can now be specified with advanced features. These include GPS for vehicle tracking and large full colour graphic displays allowing users to benefit from full text messaging capabilities.

Brabourne will design the most suitable installation for you. For instance this could be either dash mount or remotely mounted. Also available are a range of useful additional functions including external relays for horns, PA alerts etc. Many of the leading manufacturer’s radios can be specified with full hands-free kits to improve driver safety.

Our range of mobile two-way radios include models from Motorola, Hytera, Simoco, ICOM, Kenwood and Tait. Both analogue and digital versions can be selected. All of these models can be converted to operate as AC powered desktop units, or even configured as alarm or control interface units for solutions such as our BrabourneAlert and BrabourneControl solutions.

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Mobile two way radios offer a number of advantages over mobile phones. These include group calling and broadcast calls. Furthermore mobile two way radios can be easily integrated into other mobile communication platforms.  For example a truck driver could receive an incoming telephone call on his mobile radio.

Mobile two way radio Simoco SDM630
mobile two way radio ICOM IC-F5400D