OFCOM Radio Licence

Two Way Radio Licence Management Service Launched

A new Two Way Radio Licence Management Service has been launched by Brabourne Ltd. The OFCOM Licence Management Service [OLMS] is designed to remove the administrative burden of managing Business Radio Licences.

How Does OLMS Work?

It’s very simple. Brabourne take over the complete administration of all the licensee’s Business Radio licences. This includes:-

  • Licence renewals
  • Licence variations
  • Licence technical changes
  • Licence trading
  • New licence applications
  • Licence harmonization

Radio licensees are charged an annual management fee along with the cost of their licence renewal costs

Benefits of OLMS

  • No more lost or misdirected renewal notices to worry about
  • Removes the risk of licence revocation
  • Never lose access to your chosen radio frequencies/channels
  • Eliminates the administrative burden from management
  • Makes managing multiple antenna sites easier
  • Stay up to date with licencing changes and regulations
  • Provide peace of mind

To find out more how OLMS can help reduce the administration of your radio licences please contact us at sales@brabournecommunications.com or call us on +44 [0]1332 363135

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