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The project management experience and skills of our team at Brabourne means that we understand your needs. Furthermore we are able to deliver projects on time and within cost whilst meeting our your quality requirements.

In order to achieve this level of service Brabourne employs a simple but effective project management technique. This comprises a project definition phase where we define your goals, objectives and critical success factors. After that we implement the project initiation phase and project control phase to ensure the project stays on track. Appropriate action is taken to ensure each stage meets the requirements of the plan.

As a system integrator Brabourne is experienced in project managing many different suppliers, examples of which can be seen within our Case Studies at the link below:

Case Study: National HF/VHF Network – View Here >

You can also view the range of radio system products that we offer by clicking here Radio System Products

Most importantly our project management team has a wealth of experience across many industry sectors to ensure our client’s bespoke radio system solution is delivered on time and within budget. Regardless of where in the world it is our project management capabilities are made available to our clients.

For example we have delivered radio system projects in Mexico, Libya and Iraq as well as here in the UK. These solutions have included integrating different technologies. For instance we delivered a solution that integrated digital DMR radio with mobile phone technology in Mexico. 

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