Throat mic with quick release hirose connector
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Quick Change Audio Accessories For Two Way Radios

Check out our range of quick change audio accessories for two way radios. These are available for most two way radio models. Most importantly, our quick change audio accessories use a common interface lead. One end of the lead is connected to the radio adapter and the other end is terminated in a Hirose connector.

Firstly the quick change Hirose connector lets you easily swap audio accessories according to your specific needs. Secondly, it also makes replacing accessories cheaper as the radio connector lead is retained. In addition we can supply just the coiled lead with the hirose connector terminated at one end. This lets you connect the lead to your own audio accessories.

Compatible Two Way Radios

Audio accessory Hirose connector leads are available for

  • Motorola – CP/GP/DP2/DP3/DP4/SL models
  • Kenwood – All 2 pin and multipin block connector models
  • ICOM – Most 2 pin right angle and multipin block connector models
  • Hytera – PD3/4/5/6/7/TC and X1 models
  • Entel – HX Series 2.0 models
  • Vertex – Single pin straight models and EVX-S24 Series models

Audio Accessories

The range of audio accessories offers a wide choice for almost any application.

  • Acoustic tube listen only earpiece
  • Acoustic tube – 1 wire & 2 wire surveillance kits
  • D shape listen only earpiece
  • D shape/C shape and earbud style earpiece with mic/PTT
  • Covert operations dual white MP3 style earbuds with inline mic/PTT
  • Throat mic with D shape earpiece & PTT
  • Lightweight & heavy duty remote speaker microphone
  • Heavy duty over the head ear defender headset
  • Lightweight single sided behind head & over head headset

All of these accessories are available on our online shop at the following link.

For further information about our range of two way radio accessories click the link below

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