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Entel PoC Solution For London Borough of Merton

Controlling and managing parking across a London borough is a challenging process. In order to ensure that the public highway remains accessible to all every London borough employs a team of Parking Enforcement Officers. In the case of Merton Council, the borough covers an area of nearly 38 square kilometres. It includes the borough of Wimbledon and the districts of Mitcham and Morden.  Most of this is heavily built up and includes 14 car parks and miles of parking zones.

Borough Wide Coverage

To ensure that the team can communicate whilst mobile Merton Council issued a tender for a suitable solution.

After a detailed evaluation Merton Council selected an Entel PoC solution proposal from Brabourne Ltd. The chosen Entel PoC solution was the only system that could guarantee borough wide coverage.

A further advantage was no network infrastructure or OFCOM licencing was required. This made implementing the system much simpler and at a much lower cost.

Once delivered the P1/PoC system provided crystal clear mobile radio communications with built in emergency alarms. In addition, the system permits team leaders to see the location of individual Parking Services Officers and to summon assistance in the event of an incident.

Merton Logo
Merton Logo

“The key reasons Brabourne and P1 were selected was the Private PoC system provided the most cost-effective and fully featured solution for our Parking Services. In particular P1 PoC offered complete radio coverage across the borough and greatly improves the safety of our officers.

The ability to easily contact a member of the team and instantly respond to any incident gives confidence to our officers when they are on duty.

The P1/PoC system proved especially useful during the recent Wimbledon Tennis Championships as the borough experiences a significant increase in traffic in the build up and during the event”

Hassan Arshad

ANPR Operations Manager

London Borough of Merton

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