With the rapid development of digital communications technologies, our clients can now benefit from a huge range of third party applications to both improve the safety of radio users as well as improve the return on investment.

At Brabourne we recognize the value applications can bring to our customers organizations. We are able to specify and recommend bespoke applications to meet the individual requirements of our clients.

There are a wide range of applications to suit most organizations needs. These include the following:-

  • BrabourneAlert – integrates fire/intruder alarm systems to on site radio networks
    See how BrabourneAlert benefits High Peak School High Peak School
  •  BrabourneControl – integrates Building Management Systems to on-site radio networks
    Find out more about BrabourneControl here BrabourneControl
  • BrabourneCallPoint – improves safety of employees and site visitors by faster response times to medical incidents on site.
    Further details available here BrabourneCallPoint

In addition there are applications for digital two way radio that integrate to site telephone networks. Telephone interconnect allows a radio user to easily make and receive telephone calls. All from their two way radio handset!

Moreover digital radio systems can be used to control plant and equipment. This could include activating pumps or switching HVAC systems on or off. It could include opening or closing gates and barriers. To sum up, radio based applications can be created for almost any situation. Just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to advise.

Hytera Smart Dispatch for management of digital 2 way radio networks