The HF radio network comprises Barrett HF equipment. The VHF network employs mobile and base station equipment from Simoco. The system will be operated by the Libyan armed forces. These forces provide security to the many oil installations in the Sahara desert region.

The Barrett 2050 HF radio network equipment will be used for long range communications.  VHF mobiles and portables will be used to support local communications in the locality of the oil installations.

The contract includes a number of transportable control rooms which will be equipped with HF and VHF radio systems. The Barrett 2050 radio system will also be configured to allow for fax, e mail and data as well as vehicle tracking. A central control room will be similarly equipped. In addition it will employ standby equipment and remote VHF links using the Simoco TSF2000 base stations. A number of command vehicles will also be configured to operate with voice, fax, e mail and vehicle tracking solutions.

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Barrett 2050 series HF mobile radio