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Digital two way radios provide better range, improved audio quality, increased channel capacity and reduced interference. There are a number of different digital standards to meet every users needs including DMR, DPMR, TETRA and P25.

Digital radios also allow you to integrate your radio network with a huge range of third party applications. This makes your radio more useful as it can be used to monitor and manage other devices and systems. For example, most DMR digital two way radios can be integrated with our BrabourneAlert system. This permits the radios to display fire and intruder alarm messages. Above all these are in real time – and from anywhere within the coverage area of the radio system. Further information about BrabourneAlert can be seen here BrabourneAlert

Likewise there are systems such as BrabourneControl that allow users of digital radios to monitor and control plant and equipment. For example, a site engineer could monitor the status of HVAC in a building using his digital two way radio. He could do this without actually having to be on site. In the same vein he could then use his radio handset to turn systems on or off. The improvements in productivity that can be achieved with clever use of digital two way radio is very significant.

Additionally, digital two way radios can be used to efficiently summon first aid assistance on a large site. With our BrabourneCallPoint system solution digital two way radios are enclosed in wall mount enclosures. These can be activated by a simple press of a button to summon help. Using the sophisticated digital signalling used by these radios allows the location of the call point to be sent allowing for a much speedier response.

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