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At Brabourne we recognize that a cost effective radio communications or security system solution must be based on good radio system design. Consequently each system design will incorporate the client’s requirements to deliver the maximum benefit for the lowest cost.

Therefore our methodology ensures superior propagation prediction and reduced network infrastructure costs. This results in better radio coverage for our clients. Our security systems include CCTV, vehicle and baggage scanning systems and document examination solutions. These are designed to match our client’s precise requirements.

Our radio system design philosophy allows us to employ the most suitable technologies for the application. For example analogue or digital, conventional or trunked. As an independent system integrator we are able to select products from all the leading manufacturers to provide a bespoke solution for our clients.

Have a look at our case studies page. Here you can see how we have applied good radio system design to produce resilient and cost effective radio communications networks. Our client base  reflects the wide diversity of business and industry sectors in which we operate. For example, we have designed wide area radio communications systems for  an aluminium smelter in the Scottish Highlands. This radio network covered hundreds of square miles of remote countryside. Also we designed a national VHF and HF radio network for an oil industry customer in Libya. Likewise have a look at our sister site to view the wide range of two way radio products we incorporate into our radio networks. System Design

Most importantly we are an independent radio communications and security system integrator. Consequently we work with all the leading manufacturers. However our philosophy is centred around the requirements of our customer, not the manufacturer. Therefore we can ensure that we specify the system components best suited for the task in hand.

Manufacturers supported include:-

  • Motorola
  • Hytera
  • Simoco
  • Kenwood
  • Tait
  • ICOM
  • Entel
  • Barrett

Furthermore we have worked with a number of leading security systems manufacturers including Chemring [vehicle scanning systems] and Foster & Freeman [document scanning systems] to provide complete security solutions for international airports.

radio network system design service from Brabourne
2 way communications system design service from Brabourne Ltd
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