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Network Planning


Brabourne has at its disposal the full range of radio network planning tools and expertise. Our radio network planning service includes wireless network planning expertise such as propagation surveys, network capacity planning, interference studies through to antenna system design, microwave link planning, site surveys and confined space engineering.

Network Planning

Radio network planning is essential is you want to create an efficient two way radio network that makes the most of the available resources.  For example suitable antenna sites will need to be identified to maximise radio coverage.

Propagation Survey

As part of our network planning service we will predict the system performance. Once the available antenna sites have been located we will need to carry out a propagation survey. This will determine the coverage you can expect to achieve.  If a physical survey is impractical we carry out a desktop survey using propagation software. In any event we generate a ‘footprint’ of the radio system coverage you can expect from a base station as well as from portable and mobile equipment.  Additionally the survey will indicate the extent of coverage indoors and outdoors.

Network Capacity

How many radio channels will you need for your radio network? Using specially designed algorithms we can determine the number of radio channels you will need at each antenna site. Again, this helps to minimize the amount of infrastructure required. This has a significant impact on both the capital investment and the network running costs.

Interference Studies

Radio network planning also includes taking into account the possibility of co-channel interference. At Brabourne we minimize the possibility of radio network interference by carefully specifying the optimum radio frequencies.

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Radio network planning service from Brabourne
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