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The radio base station is at the heart of your radio network. Choosing the right base station is vital to ensure you get the maximum functionality and coverage from your radio system. At Brabourne we have many years experience in specifying the ideal base station solution.

Both analogue and digital, including multi mode base stations are supplied from Simoco, Tait, Hytera, Motorola, Kenwood, ICOM and Vertex. Additionally wall mounted and rack mount versions are available depending upon your specific requirements.

Choosing the correct base station is part of the system design process we carry out on behalf of our clients. Two way radio base stations can be standalone devices to provide area coverage for mobiles and portables. Additionally they can be incorporated into more advanced multi site, multi channel systems where extended coverage is required.

Our base station designs include those for remote sites where ease of access is heavily restricted due to terrain or weather conditions. For example our Triton rapidly deployable communications hub is ideal for this type of application.

Integrated with other system elements such as PC based despatcher applications your base station will allow your radio users the ability to carry out their tasks efficiently and safely. See more about our PC despatcher solutions here PC Despatchers

Kenwood radio base station
Hytera digital trunked Tier III radio communications system
Motorola SLR5500 DMR slimline UHF and VHF base station repeater from Brabourne UK