Entel E-PoC digital secure 2 way radio network working from home app

Working From Home App Helps Managers Stay In Touch With Field Based Workforce

The E-PoC Smartphone working from home app for Android and IOS devices allows managers to stay in touch with their mobile workforce during the coronavirus crisis. Ideal for workers who operate away from an office or depot. Such as road workers, utility company workers, council workers etc, the current crisis is making effective communications challenging.

Use Your Smartphone Like A Two Way Radio

With the E-PoC working from home app, managers can communicate with their mobile staff from home by using their smartphone as a two way radio. A manager can organize his staff into work groups and then communicate with them all simultaneously!

Because the smartphone is operating like a two way radio there’s no dialling. Call set up times are almost instantaneous! Information that is relevant to a group of workers can be easily disseminated with one call. They can all communicate in the same way. You can easily add PoC radios to the system.

Built In Emergency Button

Furthermore the working from home app includes an emergency button. When activated by a user it instantly informs all others in the group, and it will show their location using the built in mapping function. This makes locating your staff easy.

Low Cost Solution

The E-PoC working from home app is a low cost solution that is ideal for temporary use as there is no infrastructure to purchase. There’s no licence to apply for or training required in its use. It works straight out of the box!

National Coverage

The app makes use of the smartphone SIM card so allows the user to communicate with any other individual or group of users anywhere. If your staff are based overseas they can also be included as part of the same work group.

Just one fixed cost for the app lets users make as many calls as they like and never receive a bill for calls!

The app is available for download at the link below.

E-PoC app converts smartphone to 2 way radio


Or contact us at Brabourne for more details on 01332 363135, option 1, or email us at sales@brabournecommunications.com

Learn more about PoC radio at the link below https://www.brabournecommunications.com/poc-radio-combining-the-advantages-of-2-way-radio-gsm-without-the-disadvantages-of-either/

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