Guardtour timed route for facilities management task

Facilities Management Providers – How to Use DMR Radio to Build Confidence with Your Client

The facilities management sector has grown over the last decade in the UK. The industry is made up of a core group of multi-disciplinary companies that operate nationally and a large number of smaller companies that offer a narrower range of facilities management services. So, FM is big business. Public sector organizations and private businesses have been quick to exploit the cost savings that can be realized . Because outsourcing all those non-core activities ensures your organization can survive and prosper.

Client Relationship

But managing the relationship between the FM provider and the client can be challenging. At the heart of this is the confidence the client has in the facilities management provider to actually deliver all the services contracted. And some of these services are not always visible. So those companies and public sector organizations can’t just rely on the strength of the relationship between the facilities management account manager and the client’s senior management team.

So simple, regular day to day tasks that are not completed on time and to an agreed standard can have serious consequences for the client’s business. This could be as simple as regularly checking site access points. Or ensuring that HSE processes are carried out on schedule and in the correct manner.This might include monitoring plant and equipment safety systems.

Guardtour For Facilities Management

Traditionally, 2-way radio has been employed as a means for people around a site to stay in touch, whilst mobile. This has benefits for users and the organization in improving the flow of information and productivity. But modern digital radio systems can deliver much more. And, one of these functions, known as Guardtour, automates regular standard tasks and automatically logs activity. As mentioned earlier, a large site with many access points may need these checking according to a daily schedule. But how does the client actually know that this has been done and if so, on schedule?

Digital Mobile Radio provides a simple solution. In this example a security officer carries out his scheduled tasks as normal, carrying his radio terminal. As he approaches each access point his radio terminal will register its location. It does this by either making use of the internal GPS receiver within the radio, or by transponding with wireless beacons placed at each access point. And the date and time of the event is also logged.

 At a convenient time, the radio can upload the data to a suitable application. This can then produce a report to be exported and shown to the client. In this way confidence is reinforced in the ability and competence of the facilities management supplier. Minimal user input is required and an audit trail is created.

Further refinements can include alarm activations should the security officer arrive at each location outside of a preconfigured time slot, or if he moves off a particular route.

Further Information

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