Utilities, Oil & Gas

Wide area communications, often in remote areas and with the ability to send and receive data as well as voice are essential needs of the utilities sector. Brabourne have experience of delivering SCADA solutions as well as secure digital mobile voice communications services.

The oil and gas sector need robust and reliable communications solutions. These systems employ equipment that can be safely used in hazardous areas. This can include drilling rigs, oil refineries, gas and chemical plants. Also on board ships or deep underground in mines.

Brabourne have designed and supplied systems that meet or exceed all the worlds leading intrinsic safety standards. These include Ex and FM rated equipment. The radio networks we have supplied include on site networks for oil refineries and industrial sites classed as hazardous areas. Furthermore we have supplied wide area communications networks used by gas and electricity providers.

To view our range of Ex rated two way radios from Motorola, Hytera and Kenwood clink the button here Ex Rated Radios

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Hytera PD795Ex digital I.S two way radio in hazardous area