Public Safety

The public safety sector has specific communication requirements. The use of public safety radio has to deliver mission critical information, often in the harshest of environments.

At Brabourne, we provide communications technology that is purpose designed for public safety radio users. For instance police, fire, ambulance and the military. These platforms such as TETRA and P25 deliver secure voice and data services to public safety users across a city, a region or even nationally.

We work with Hytera and Motorola to supply and support their TETRA radio solutions. Furthermore we are authorized suppliers of Motorola Dimetra Express TETRA systems.

Similarly, Brabourne are specialists in the provision of covert communications systems. We offer a range of radio communications terminals and accessories that may be safely used in covert operations to provide discreet and secure voice and data.

However the public safety radio user community are now taking advantage of the cost benefits delivered with the use of DMR radio. DMR, or Digital Mobile Radio offers many of the features of TETRA and P25 but at a much lower cost.

There are many more DMR radio manufacturers including Simoco, ICOM and Kenwood. Consequently radio terminal pricing is generally lower than for TETRA and P25 systems.

Further details on our range of covert radios and accessories can be found here Covert Radios

Mounrtain rescue team using Simoco DMR digital radio system Mourne Mountain
P25 public safety radio system logo
TETRA public safety digital secure radio system logo
Motorola MTP3550 secure TETRA radio terminal