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An in-store radio system will improve security and reduce the chances of theft. Staff security is also improved through real-time communications with colleagues. Productivity can also be increased by wireless and easy communication with store room staff. There are a number of in store radio systems which offer the additional safety features of panic alarms, lone worker protection and man down. And, should secure communications be a concern, radio conversations can be encrypted. 

Brabourne supply complete shop watch schemes for shopping malls to bespoke solutions for distribution warehouses’. Our new PoC radio solution is perfect for delivery drivers and similar occupations as it does not require expensive infrastructure in order to provide national coverage.

To learn more about how PoC radio can reduce the cost of a shopwatch scheme see the Entel E-PoC radio here E-PoC Radio

For a shopwatch scheme a group of retailers in a town can club together to share the costs. However no radio licencing is required. Also because PoC radio operates on multiple GSM networks there is no need for any base stations or repeaters.

Hytera PD785 DMR walie talkie is use at a warehouse
Hytera PD565 DMR walkie talkie in use at a shopping mall
Motorola 2 way portable radio for use in hospitality industry
Entel E-PoC digital secure 2 way radio network working from home app

The network diagram above shows how a PoC radio system works. The PoC radio service is hosted on a very secure central server. This server is backed up at another geographical location. The PoC radio operates just like a two way radio but uses the mobile phone networks as the bearer. The advantage of this is a secure network with national coverage.