Hybrid LTE/IDAS Radio From ICOM

Hybrid LTE/IDAS Radio From ICOM
Hybrid LTE/IDAS Radio From ICOM

Hybrid LTE/IDAS radio from ICOM – the IP730D and IP740D offer a unique combination of radio capabilities. Combining two distinct technologies in one handset, the new IP series lets the user communicate nationally with other radio users. The IP730D/740D portable radio operates over LTE networks [mobile phone networks]. This means that communications is possible wherever there is a mobile phone signal.

Local & National Coverage

For radio users that operate regionally, or nationally this is a simple and low cost solution. Unlike mobile phones however, an LTE radio uses an ‘all informed’ communications model. Co-workers and colleagues can be split into groups and each group can communicate with other members of the same group. In other words, messages that are relevant only to group members don’t have to be heard by other groups.

Like a mobile phone, the IP730D and IP740D can also make a one to one call. All calls that are made over the mobile phone networks are in full duplex. That is to say, you can speak and listen at the same time!

Where a mobile phone signal does not exist, or where access to the phone network is not needed then the radio will operate in IDAS mode. This means that the radio uses either your own local VHF/UHF digital radio network, or even just in back to back mode. In addition no network charges are accrued when the radio is used in this way.

A typical application could be an organization that operates both locally and regionally/nationally. Those radio users that are close to home can communicate using the local VHF/UHF network. Similarly, radio users further afield can operate via the mobile phone network. The user simply has to select one of the two press to talk [PTT] buttons to switch between modes!

Furthermore, the IP730D/740D radios are equipped with a range of safety features. These include an emergency button, lone worker and man down alarms. In addition the radios have built in Bluetooth and digital voice record and playback.

To learn more about the ICOM IP730D/740D radio range go to our sister site at the following link:-https://twowayaccessories.com/product/ip730d-ip740d-hybrid-lte-idas-radio/

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