Entel E-PoC digital secure 2 way radio network working from home app

PoC Radio – Combining The Advantages of 2 Way Radio & GSM Without The Disadvantages Of Either

Push-to-talk over Cellular [PoC] is a technology that has been around for years, but acceptance of the technology has been limited due to the limitations of existing mobile phone networks.

But with the introduction of 4G networks, Push to talk over Cellular has become a much more attractive proposition for many organizations.

Push to talk over Cellular combines the features and operational characteristics of two-way radio with the coverage enjoyed by mobile phones.

Push to talk over Cellular Radio

The radio looks and feels like a conventional two-way radio with on/off/volume controls and channel selector switch. To the user the radio works simply by pressing the PTT. There is no need to set up a call by dialling and waiting for the call to be answered. With latency similar to DMR radio systems, calls to individual, or groups of radio users is also instantaneous.


Moreover, smartphone users can also be included in call groups. And by installing a suitable app on either an IOS or Android device, these now behave like a two-way radio. Calls to other users are made by pressing and holding a soft key as if it were a PTT.

There are an increasing number of radio manufacturers entering the Push to talk over Cellular market. One of these is from the British company, Entel.

The Entel Solution

The Entel solution also includes handheld radios that will roam seamlessly between GSM and Wi-Fi networks, and include built in emergency alarms such as lone worker and man down, making this an ideal solution for lone workers who may operate regionally or even nationally – such as delivery drivers, sales people, estate agents, council workers etc.

One of the many benefits of Push to talk over Cellular radio is national coverage, without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure, or indeed, licencing. To make migration from existing radio platforms easy Entel have also launched a simple to use gateway. This allows users on existing VHF or UHF analogue or DMR networks to communicate directly with colleagues equipped with Push to talk over Cellular devices.

Furthermore, the Entel app includes a mapping function that allows the location of other mobile devices to be viewed easily. This makes responding to an emergency alarm much quicker and safer.

In addition a PC despatcher is available allowing office-based staff voice and text messaging capabilities, voice recording and location/tracking of mobile staff.

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