IP CCTV system in use at farm calving sheds

BrabourneView IP-CCTV Camera System deployed on a Peak District farm

We have deployed our BrabourneView IP CCTV system to a Peak District farm. This improves security and makes running a busy livestock farm more efficient.

Using the latest IP based CCTV cameras from Ubiquiti Networks, cameras are located in the lambing and calving sheds. These provide full colour, crystal clear video on demand. This allows the farmer to keep an eye on his livestock at any time of the day or night, and from anywhere via a smartphone, tablet or PC.

The cameras are easy to deploy and simple to install and set up. High bandwidth wireless bridging is used to minimize the amount of cabling required.

Moreover, security is an added benefit with BrabourneView with the cameras providing high quality video images of the barns. This includes any stored equipment, even in very low light conditions. The cameras have integrated microphones and the entire network is backed up via 2TB DVD recorder for video storage and playback.

The system currently hosts 6 cameras but has the capacity to increase this quantity to 20 enabling other locations around the farm to be covered, indoors or outside. A range of IP CCTV cameras are available at https://www.twowayaccessories.com/other-products/wireless-cctv-systems/

Furthermore, IP CCTV systems can be used for a wide range of businesses. Because IP CCTV is wireless it makes the cost of installation low. Furthermore when integrated with two way radio a business can really enhance the security and safety of employees. You can read about a combined digital radio/IP CCTV system here https://www.brabournecommunications.com/case-studies-kenwood-nexedge-digital-radio-system-for-aluminium-smelter/

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