BrabourneCallPoint first aid call point radio system

Getting Effective First Aid At Work With First Aid Call Points

Getting effective first aid at work with first aid call points presents employers with a number of challenges. One is locating an injured person and getting a coordinated response in a timely manner. Moreover, without unduly impacting on the rest of the organizations activities.

This is particularly challenging where the organization operates from a large site. This may include numerous buildings and outdoor areas such as storage sites, loading bays, parking areas etc. This creates multiple areas of potential hazard to employees and site visitors alike, should a medical emergency arise suddenly, or an accident occur.


Brabourne Communications, the well-established UK based radio systems integrator have developed a solution which meets this requirement. Called BrabourneCallPoint this is an easy way for an individual to summon assistance. First aid call points are strategically positioned around the site. These can be located indoors or outside and are easily identified by a large, high visibility green palm switch along with the appropriate signage. The user simply depresses the switch and the first aid call point sends a location message to reception, security and first aiders.

Knowing the exact location of the injured person is paramount to ensuring that the response time is kept to a minimum. But it is only part of the process.

First Aid Procedures

Many organizations have evolved first aid procedures that are outdated. These can cause confusion regarding the location of the person requiring help, slowing down the response time. Many organizations have employed a tannoy system and this in itself can cause unnecessary delays. Furthermore it is distracting to the other employees thus impacting on the business’s other activities. All of these issues are resolved with the BrabourneCallPoint first aid call point system.

Integrating first aid call points with digital radio systems is one way of improving the effectiveness of your first aid response. Secondly it also makes the on-site radio system more productive.

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Case Study

A 34-storey office, multi tenanted tower block in London has installed a first aid call point system. With a first aid call point on each landing anyone can summon assistance quickly and easily. Such a large building has a full-time security office which coordinates the required response. It also allows for an efficient way of recording the incident should post event action be needed.

Adding a 2-way communication capability to the call point also permits staff who may not have a radio and site visitors to contact security or reception easily.

Cost is always a consideration when updating HSE policies. A major restriction to the installation of call points at widespread and complex sites is the extensive cabling required to connect all the call points to a central receiving station. Using a radio-based solution avoids this and provides a low- cost solution for the employer.

Further enhancements have seen BrabourneCallPoint being used by site visitors to activate gates and barriers once permission to enter the site has been received.

BrabourneCallPoint can be integrated to existing on site radio or pager systems. However the greatest benefits occur when a digital radio system is employed. Call points can also be used to send text messages to mobile phones ensuring that other interested parties are kept informed of a developing situation.

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