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UK Wide Lone Worker Protection Solution From Brabourne

Protecting lone workers who operate across a site such as a large factory, distribution centre or industrial estate can be easily achieved with an on site radio solution. However this isn’t suitable for lone workers who are working across a city, region or even nationwide. UK wide lone workers such as social workers, delivery drivers, parking control officers, housing wardens, security officers need a different solution.

BrabourneRespond Lone Worker Protection Solution

Now Brabourne Ltd have launched a new service – BrabourneRespond. This unique solution integrates our well known PoC radio with built in lone worker, man down and emergency alarms with a state of the art central monitoring centre and mobile patrols that can be summoned to respond to an alarm anywhere in the country.

Monitoring Centre

The central monitoring centre is equipped with the P1 Private Despatcher software so can easily see the location of any lone workers equipped with a PoC radio – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

The central monitoring station meets all of the stringent standards such as :-

Cat II NSI Gold Standard ARC
Thatcham Level 5
BS 5979 Code of Practice ; BS 8418:2015+A1:2017 remote CCTV &BS 8484 for Lone Worker

Of course, there are many lone worker devices that can be used with a monitoring and response service. However our PoC radio solution improves on all of these.

Advantages of PoC radio For Lone Workers

One feature of PoC radio is the exceptional network coverage that conventional lone worker devices cannot provide. Conventional lone worker devices have small built in broadband antennas which do not offer very good network coverage. This is particularly true in marginal signal areas e.g some rural locations or in buildings, basements etc.

Our PoC radio is equipped with a high performance tuned antenna that maximises network coverage. Furthermore our PoC radio is fitted with a multi network SIM card. Operating seamlessly across all 4 UK mobile phone networks you can be assured of the best network coverage available anywhere. This is crucial when you consider that a life may depend on the monitoring centre successfully receiving an alarm.

As well as better coverage our PoC radio lets each individual user talk directly to the operator at the monitoring centre. Something that many lone worker devices don’t allow! In this way our UK wide lone worker protection solution makes lone workers even safer.

Even more beneficial is the ability of the PoC radio user to talk to their own work colleagues, either in a private one to one call, or as a group call. It is after all, a radio so can be used to improve the flow of information around the organization.

Unlike mobile phones making a call is much quicker. No dialling, no waiting for the call to connect and no waiting for the call to be answered. With our PoC radio just press the button to speak and your call is processed instantly.

Our UK wide lone worker protection solution is one of many bespoke radio system solutions developed for business and industry

To see more on how PoC radio can help your organization click the links below.

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