Entel P1 private server PTT over cellular

Ultra Low Cost PTT Over Cellular Solution Arrives

PTT over Cellular [PoC] radio has always relied upon the service being hosted by a dedicated server centre. Although this is fine for many users it does make for higher running costs. Whilst private servers have been available they have required a significant capital investment.

P1 Private Server – PTT over Cellular

However, an ultra low cost private server solution is now available from Entel. It is ideally suited to smaller on site and wide area applications. The private P1 server solution still supports all the key features of the E-PoC EMEA hosted service. These include

  • Group and individual calls
  • GPS – for locating individual radios
  • Emergency button
  • Lone worker
  • Man down

Low Cost PTT over Cellular Solution

From as little as just over £1.00 per week for each radio the P1 Private Server solution offers virtually unlimited channel capacity. You can still make or receive a call from almost anywhere in the UK and throughout Europe. A North American variant of the Entel DN495 PoC radio is also available.

With the P1 Private Server solution your costs are fixed. Also they are limited to one time licence costs. As a result, once the initial licence costs have been paid, the only ongoing charges are the network access charges. Even these are fixed annually so you won’t get a monthly airtime bill.


Furthermore the P1 Private Server solution is compatible with the Entel Gateway. As a result you can easily integrate your existing radio system with the P1 PoC solution. This makes migrating simple, easy and cheap!

The P1 Private Server solution is also compatible with the other Entel PoC products. For example it works with the PC based despatcher software. This permits communications between a desk based PC and the DN495 PoC radios. Secondly, it allows the despatcher to view the location of all radio users. The Android telephone despatcher can also be used with the P1 Private Server solution.

Have a look at our article published in December. https://www.brabournecommunications.com/push-to-talk-over-cellular-radio-combining-the-advantages-of-2-way-radio-gsm-without-the-disadvantages-of-either/

To see more on the Entel solution click the link https://www.twowayaccessories.com/radio-accessories/software-and-licences/entel-p1-private-server-software-for-poc-service/

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