Market Sectors | Utilities

The oil and gas, power generation and transmission, and water treatment and wastewater industries require reliable, robust and instant communications to link all facilities and staff and effectively serve customers' and communities' needs 24 hours a day.

Understanding our clients’ needs

Communications solutions that meet the highest demands regarding safety, responsiveness and flexibility are crucial for utilities to ensure safety and efficiency is guaranteed at all times

Brabourne Communications supplies remote communications solutions for a variety of public infrastructure systems applications. These include SCADA, remote monitoring and control for water and wastewater systems and mobile public works and safety communications. Bespoke voice and data solutions employing class leading products are available suited to the most challenging environments

The provision of digital communication networks for power and water utilities is also a speciality. Point-to-point radio is often the only solution where the topography is challenging such as densely populated areas. Our wide range of systems enables us to find the optimum link for every communications problem.


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