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Where there is considerable pressure on the available spectrum and a high density of radio users, trunked radio can be the answer. There are various differing types of trunked radio available and BL can supply most of the major technologies including the widely used MPT1327 standard.

Trunk Radio Solutions

Trunking brings many benefits to network operators and users alike, not least increasing the availability of airtime to all users. Organizations in the public safety, transport, utilities and industry sectors can all benefit in the following ways

  • Control of your own radio communications network.
  • Rapid connection through automatic call back when the destination party becomes available.
  • Exceptional radio communications with different levels of priority including emergency calling
  • Efficient radio communications over a large geographic area.
  • Cost effective infrastructure allows both voice and data on the same system.
  • Effective management of your people with the ability to organize radios into private one-to-one, fleet and groups calls.
  • The option of advanced voice and data dispatching programs.
  • The ability to place and receive telephone calls through connection to the local PABX or public telephone network.
  • Free calling means low operational costs
  • Cost effective usage of infrastructure through automatic call back as system resources become available

BL can design, supply, install and support trunked radio systems from Tait and Team Simoco including the award winning X-fin system - a self contained 1U trunking system with integrated base station and capability to provide control and/or traffic channel.

The Xfin Blade sees the convergence of the established MPT1327 trunking standard with next generation hardware and VoIP technology.

Contact us for further details on the benefits your organization can gain from our extensive experience supplying trunked radio systems.


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