Products | Portable Radios

Brabourne offer a wide range of portable two way radios from all the leading manufacturers including:

Portable Radio
  • Motorola
  • Hytera
  • ICOM
  • Tait
  • Simoco
  • Kenwood
  • Entel
  • Vertex

Hand held radios differ significantly in the level of sophistication, from simple voice only multi channel analogue radios to high tier fully featured digital portable radios. BL will discuss with you the most suitable radio which best meets your requirements.

Our range of analogue and digital portable radios includes intrinsically safe models to both Factory Mutual [FM] and ATEX standards from Tait, Motorola and Kenwood, submersible radios from Motorola and Entel, marine and air band radios from ICOM and sophisticated MPT1327 trunked radios from Tait and Simoco.

Many portable radios now feature various alarms including man down, lone worker and manual emergency. Others include built in GPS for tracking individuals to wireless Bluetooth technology for convenience and safety.

The latest hand held radios are now available with full colour displays for ease of use and can even act as mobile telephones for users who need to stay in contact at all times.

For specialist security applications Brabourne are able to supply a range of advanced covert portable radios from Hytera and Simoco.


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