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Mobile Data Solutions

We have a range of low cost mobile data solutions using conventional two way radio as the bearer. Some of these solutions are described below and cover asset & personnel tracking to radio messaging solutions where your radio system and IT network are integrated to provide mobile messaging and resource database management solutions for business and industry.

RMS-Net Radio Messaging System


Capable of working on a local or wide area network, RMS-Net software integrates desktop PC's, Icom radios, base stations and talk-through repeaters into a single sophisticated system. A central computer logs all radio traffic whilst desktop users stay in touch via their own computer. RMS-Net supports a broad range of communication methods including SELCALL, FFSK (allowing text messaging) and GPS tracking. Based on your requirements RMS-Net offers essential safety features such as Man Down alerts, Lone Worker functions, panic buttons and anti-theft devices. The merging of radio and software into RMS-Net provides an organisation with improved management of health and safety and promotes efficient communication with the mobile workforce. The applications of RMS-Net are huge, the opportunities are endless.

i-loc Security Management System

I-LOC logo

I-LOC uses strategically placed low power beacons around a building, which periodically transmits their identity.
A receiver fixed on the IC-F31GS/GT handportable receives emissions from the beacons when the user of the portable passes in their vicinity. The identity received by the radio is, according to the mode chosen, transmitted either automatically or by manual action to the base radio placed in the security office.

I-Read Guard Tour Management System

I-Read Guard Tour Management System uses an Icom radio with a specially attached reader to scan badges laid on a predetermined route. An optional Man Down facility detects tilt and immobility that is ideal protection for Lone Workers.

I-Track Vehicle Management System

I-Track logo

The I-Track vehicle management system allows any organisation to manage its vehicle fleet more efficiently and effectively. This system allows an operator based at HQ to monitor vehicle movements on a computer screen, retrieving vehicle history and verifying that vehicles are travelling along predefined routes. In addition, because Icom radio technology is incorporated at the heart of I-Track, operators can also send radio communications, text and status messages. This creates a powerful two-way communication tool enhancing an organisation's performance and productivity.

I-Track Personnel Management Tracking System

The I-Track Portable personnel management tracking system is designed to work on an Icom Handheld fleet or together with the I-Track Vehicle Management Tracking system. I-Track Portable is aimed at organisations with operatives at street level such as traffic wardens or mobile fleets such as bike couriers. The range of applications for this product is immense.


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