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Both para military and military radio communications solutions are available from Brabourne. Our core offering is the 2090 Series of HF long range radios from Barrett. These are available as high power man pack, vehicle mounted or base station radios using a common docking station. Extremely rugged and designed specifically for the battlefield the Barrett 2090 Series are unmatched for dependable secure mobile communications.

Understanding our clients’ needs

In addition we supply the full range of highly secure military grade VHF squad and brigade radios. Operating in the 30-88MHz frequency band and available with different levels of secure encryption, the PRC-2090 can be operated as a portable, vehicle mounted mobile or base station radio. The PRC-2090, like its HF counterpart, benefits from a universal docking station to easily switch between different modes.

If you have a particular requirement not shown here please contact us to find out how we can help.


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