Market Sectors | Education

Schools, colleges and universities are often located on large sites, or even across multiple sites within a city or town. On these sites staff need access to instant information, whether they are teachers or support staff. A well designed on site radio system can help to make life easier, more productive and safer for those working in schools and universities.

Understanding our clients’ needs

Brabourne Ltd has developed a number of standalone solutions and integrated these into our SchoolCom system.

SchoolCom provides on and off site wireless voice and data communications for multiple users. Teaching staff can communicate within specific groups to effectively coordinate teaching activities. Support staff are able to carry out their tasks efficiently and effectively.

SchoolCom connects the radio system to the fire and intruder alarm system allowing responsible staff members to manage incidents even if they are off site. SchoolCom also allows integration of the school Building Management System [BMS] providing early warnings of potential issues with heating, air conditioning and other vital systems.

Staff safety is ensured with integrated man won, lone worker and manual emergency alarms. Staff are even able to communicate with the outside world from their radio handset via the advanced telephone interconnect facility.

SchoolCom is flexible enough to be adapted to schools and universities of all sizes and is the ideal solution for modern on site communications within the education sector.


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