Case Study | Radio Solution For Remote Areas

Working closely with a major wind energy company, Brabourne was asked to develop a solution to provide reliable wireless communications across a large and remote wind farm site in the north west of England.

The solution offered by Brabourne comprised a Simoco Xfin 2 channel trunked radio system housed in a very tough and weatherproof cabinet. The enclosure had to be able to withstand very harsh weather conditions as well as providing vandal proof protection for the radio network infrastructure within, and be available 24 hours a day. Conditions on site can be very unforgiving and the remoteness of the site meant that maintenance crews could potentially be stranded without reliable communications.

The Brabourne developed Triton RDRS [Rapidly Deployable Radio System] provides site wide radio coverage between radio users equipped with the rugged Tait TP8140 portable radios. The Tait TP8140 was selected as it provides class leading rugged design, lightweight and ease of use. Additional benefits included lone worker, man down and manual emergency alarm functions – essential for this application. Triton also included both GSM and line teleconnect to allow for telephone calls to be made off site.

Radio Solution For Remote Areas

Although Triton RDRS is designed to be easily redeployed to other sites when necessary this particular solution means that it will be left on site for visiting maintenance crews to use as their primary means of communication.

The Triton RDRS is the latest in a series of radio systems developed by Brabourne for use in remote locations and which have seen service across the UK from Inverness in the north of Scotland to the more desolate parts of Northern Ireland.


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